Profile introduction

Youzan is a merchant service company, incubated and established in Hangzhou Beta Cafe in November 2012.

We help every merchant who values products and services to privatize customer assets, expand Internet customer base, improve business efficiency, and achieve businesses success.

Youzan currently has 5 business segments including Youzan WeiMall, Youzan Retail, Youzan Beauty, Youzan Education and Youzan AllValue. Through its social e-commerce, store management and the relating new retail SaaS products, solutions and services, Youzan comprehensively helps merchants to solve the problems encountered in the mobile Internet era, such as customer acquisition,transaction conversion, customer retention, repurchase, sharing fission, etc.

Faced with the customization service needs of merchants and developers, Youzan also launched the PaaS platform "Youzan Cloud" to fully support merchants and developers to customize various personalized solutions. In view of the "traffic flow" problem of merchants, we also have services such as Youzan Promotion, Youzan Distribution, etc., to help merchants attract customers and establish distribution system. At the same time, we also launched a series of services to protect the rights and interests of consumers, such as Worry-free Purchase, Youzan Selection and Youzan Micro Stores, aiming to enhance the trust and links between consumers and merchants.

A Better Business with Youzan


Our mission is to help every merchant who values products and services achieves success in commerce.


Our vision is to become the most trusted leader in commerce services and a flourishing organization for outstanding talents.

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